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When I got home from my weekend away I got all the details of my girlfriends Sunday fuck. Her rule is, if I go away now and leave her alone, she gets to invite a guy over to fuck her in our bed. So I knew it was coming and was surprised it didn’t come until Sunday. The guy she invited over was…

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I was slowly spreading my legs and tilting my hips, pressing my knees down into the mattress and pushing my ass up trying to capture his maddening fingers and delay them in their travels. I had to bite my lip to stifle the moans he was inducing.

Did he know how crazy he was making me? I looked up at him; he seemed to be in a trance, his eyes glazed. He was mesmerized by the sight of his hands caressing my beautiful bare bottom. His hand traveled down my thigh and then back up inside where he slid his finger up the slit of my hot wet pussy.

I gasped then, I couldn’t help it. But it broke the spell and he was like a man awakening from a dream and not exacty sure where he was…he was hard happy to see me so wet and he had a raging cock hard on with intent and he was ready to take my cunt he worked damn hard to OWN

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FEMDOM CUM EATING CREAMPIE: Watching him lick his cum out of my sloppy pussy gets me so horny that when I orgasm, I nearly pass out. I ride his face and call him names like cum eater or pussy boy. I make him tell me how good it tastes and that he wants to eat every drop.

Really nice cream pie cleanup

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well thank ya everyone :) I do want upload this whole half hour version someday



Holy fuck. She’s amazing. Hottest girlfriend ever. I’ve got to see this whole video.


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